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  • Student Security Risks

    Posted on November 23rd, 2018 0 Comments

    There’s tons of security risks associated with attending / living at college. College students are often majorly distracted by the combination of schoolwork and social stimulation, and often assume that security is taken care of by the safety infrastructure of their school itself. However, this is not the case, and it behooves every college and university student to read the following article about student security risks, as prepared by the security and safety experts here at Chicago Locksmiths.


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  • Antique Lock Issues

    Posted on July 23rd, 2018 0 Comments

    While people may be attracted to using antique locks due to their vintage aesthetic quality, antique locks are simply weak security providers. We recommend using antique locks simply as decorative accessories if they are used at all, while doors, windows, and storage areas are in reality protected by multiple layers of strong modern locks. Here’s a guide to some of the common issues with antique locks, as prepared by the lock repair and lock installation experts at Chicago Locksmiths.


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  • Red Flag Door Issues

    Posted on May 28th, 2018 0 Comments

    All mechanical devices have issues from time to time – hopefully minor ones – and door locks are no exception. Most home or business owners will say that their door locks have experiences issues once in a while, and the way that they react to these issues when they pop up determines how seriously the issues will impact the security level of their homes or businesses. Here’s some red flag door lock issues that should be addressed immediately in order to protect the security of your property – as prepared by the residential security experts at Chicago Locksmiths.


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  • Reasons Not to Break into your own Car during a Lockout

    Posted on February 23rd, 2018 0 Comments

    Picture this scenario if you will: you’ve just finished a long day of work or grocery shopping, and find that you’ve accidentally locked yourself out of your car. This is a stressful situation made even more aggravating if you’ve had a long day or happen to be parked in the middle of nowhere – and if you find yourself in it, you might be finding yourself stressed over figuring out a way to get yourself into your car as soon as possible. This is never a good approach. The automotive lockout experts at Chicago Locksmiths have prepared a short list on the top reasons NOT to attempt to break into your own car during a lockout; instead, contact our team to get instant, safe assistance with your car lockout problem.


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  • Shed Lock Options

    Posted on January 23rd, 2018 0 Comments

    Do you want to maintain your Chicago home security, or that of your business? Doing so includes ensuring that all areas of your property are secure, including outdoor sheds. Regardless of the specific use or purpose of your shed, they all require the security that strong locks provide – but choosing the proper one can be complicated. Here’s a guide from the expert residential locksmith at Chicago Locksmiths on how to choose the best type of shed lock.


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  • Mailbox Locks

    Posted on December 18th, 2017 0 Comments

    Mailbox burglary is more common than publically estimated – and it can be quite serious, as if valuable information is stolen from your mail, you can experience identity theft and a whole slew of stressful theft related situations. Here’s a guide to the important facts that you absolutely need to know before you install a lock on your mailbox – or ask a licensed  commercial locksmith expert at Chicago Locksmiths to help you do so.


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  • Reasons Keys are Turning in Door Lock

    Posted on December 8th, 2017 0 Comments

    If your key continues to turn inside your door lock beyond the normal turning distance it can signal that there’s a minor to major malfunction occurring within your lock mechanism. This situation can call for a lock repair, or potentially a full lock replacement depending on the gravity of the error. Here’s a guide prepared by the experts at Chicago Locksmiths as to the various reasons your keys might be turning inside your door lock.


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  • Security Measures when Upgrading your Home

    Posted on November 18th, 2017 0 Comments


    Home upgrades aren’t just great times to improve the aesthetics and comfort of your home – they are also fantastic opportunities to improve your home security infrastructure! Here’s a guide prepared by Chicago Locksmiths about all the different security measures that you can take into consideration when you are undergoing a home upgrade.



    Doors are one of the most commonly upgraded parts of a home. Without strong doors, your security is incredibly weak. When upgrading your home, assess how well your doors can hold up to physical attack. This includes all aspects of the door including it’s hinges and it’s frame. Of course, you’re going to want to consider exactly what’s behind the doors as well when you assess how important it’s upgrade is.


    Door and Window Locks

    This is an essential part of home upgrades unless you already have an incredibly strong deadbolt lock. You want to make sure that your door locks not only help keep unwanted people out, but don’t place people inside at risk during an emergency where they may have to quickly exit the property. Window lock upgrades should also be taken into consideration after testing the strength of your window locks – especially those that are easily accessible from outside.


    Window Films

    Window films are thin protective layers that help increase the security and resistance of glass windows, elevating your security. They prevent burglars from being able to break through your windows to enter your property. They are hard to detect from outside and help make windows shatterproof – but should not be used on windows that are meant to be potentially used as auxiliary emergency exits.



    Surveillance cameras can heighten your security when placed outside your front door, allowing you to monitor and maintain your home security. CCTV cameras help deter potential thefts or burglaries, and even a fake mock camera does a great job as a deterrent.


    Alarm Systems

    Every home needs a well functioning alarm system. THey help boost the security measures of your building, and often allow you to monitor the status of your home from far away – notifying you if there’s unapproved entry into your home, and automatically contacting the authorities.


    Window and Door Sensors

    Like alarm systems, these sensors notify you or the authorities if doors or windows are opened or tampered with in an unapproved context. They often come together with CCTV camera packages, but can also be purchased as stand alone equipment – and they really do help increase the layers of your home security. They are made up of a simple circuit that triggers an alarm when the circuit is broken. One great benefit of these sensors is that they are very difficult to spot, and are small and subtle.

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  • Broken Key FAQ

    Posted on October 3rd, 2017 0 Comments

    Here at Chicago Locksmith, we often receive calls regarding broken keys – one of the most common lock and door related issues in the industry. Our locksmiths are trained to handle this situation, and have long standing experience to get you a working new key in no time at all. Here’s some examples of the most frequently asked questions we get receive from our customers regarding broken keys.


    Do I have to replace my lock if the key broke off in it?

    Usually you won’t have to do so. Our locksmiths can get the broken aspect of the key out of the lock quickly – this is usually a simple and quick operation. However, we stress the importance of not trying textract the broken part of the key yourself, as you can cause damage to the lock this way.


    What’s the timeframe for a broken key extraction?

    These operations take under a half an hour.


    Do I have to rekey my locks?

    Nope. As long as you work with our talented locksmith professionals, the security of your lock will never be altered.


    Can you make me a spare key?

    Absolutely. As professional locksmiths, this is our bread and butter. We can do this with the pieces of the broken key, or with it’s biting code.


    Can I open my door by attaching two broken pieces of my key?

    Absolutely not. This can result in pushing the broken part of the key further into the lock, making it much harder to extract. When a key breaks off in a lock, make sure to contact a truly professional and trustworthy locksmith who can handle the job – don’t insert any random objects into the lock in an attempt to remove the key pieces, as this can complicate the damage rather than allowing you to fix it with an easier solution.

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  • Residential Rekeying FAQ

    Posted on September 23rd, 2017 0 Comments

    Here at Chicago Locksmiths we often get asked questions about our residential rekeying process. Although it seems like it might be a straightforward process, rekeying actually contains many variables that can affect the efficacy of the entire operation. Here’s a brief guide to the most common rekeying FAQs that we receive from our loyal customers.


    Can this lock be rekeyed, or does it need to be replaced?

    Often you can rekey locks instead of fully replacing it. Good locksmiths will always provide rekeying as an option, and it’s always possible unless a major part of the lock is damaged or the customer desires a brand new lock. This is a cost effective and practical solution.


    How long does rekeying take?

    This depends on what type of lock you have. Experienced locksmiths can rekey a lock in a matter of minutes. However, some locks are more complicated which can lead to longer service times – but you can rest assured that the experts at Chicago Locksmiths can carry out any rekeying operation in no time at all.


    Can I try to rekey my lock myself?

    Rekeying is a much faster process when carried out by a professional locksmith. However when amateurs attempt to rekey locks themselves they often complicated things, and often damage the locks in the process. This is why we advise prospective customers against attempting to rekey their locks themselves/


    Should I rekey my locks if I just moved into a new house?

    Definitely. You never know who might have a copy of the key to your home procured before your move in date. There’s a possibility that your lock is master keyed, especially if there’s been any recent construction on it, which means that there’s definitely master pins still inside your lock – increasing the amount of keys out there that can be used to gain access to your home, property, and family.


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